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10 Things You Should Consider While Traveling

Traveling: Whether you are an experienced explorer of the world or not, it is surprisingly easy to travel as one. The key is not in silent secret points transmitted by word of mouth, but in everyday intuitive behaviors that will help you experience cultures and countries as a whole.

What does that mean exactly? It means leaving the paved road to the dirt road, writing a diary of your adventure.

You can hear me occasionally say “burn the maps and go!” But a little planning and research for your next adventure is a long way.

First, you can save money and give an idea of ​​how much things should cost.

Second, doing a little research will ensure that you know what is happening during your time there and where on what days or months of the year.

Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

#1. Get Local Tips

10 Things You Should Consider While Traveling

It can be very tempting to stay within the limits of your resort or simply reach the main attractions of your plans. Given your safety, challenge yourself to do something, anything! – That requires a bit of digging. Try talking to the locals, ask your concierge for unusual recommendations or start your search before your trip.

#2. Check The Seasonal Weather

10 Things You Should Consider While Traveling
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The seasons vary throughout the world. And just like in your own country, the weather can determine what activities you are in, how you will travel the places if the places will be open or closed and, in general, how much you can see and do when you are outside.

Search Google for the weather of the country you are visiting and register it the previous year or download a weather application on your smartphone to get a detailed analysis closer to the time of your visit.

#3. Record Your Memories

Keep a journal Take pictures. Summarize your days with your travel companions. Guarantee yourself the ability to look back on this trip and remember the most wonderful details, big and small. Just make sure you don’t spend too much time on Instagram. You will miss the adventures you wanted to remember in the first place!

#4. Respect Local Customs

10 Things You Should Consider While Traveling
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Don’t give legs to the “ugly American” stereotype. Before your trip, read the essential phrases to have no idea when you arrive. If the study period was lost, take a pocket-sized dictionary from the airport and try it out: most locals will appreciate your effort, even if you have difficulties.

#5. Stay In Multiple Locations

Think about how different your hometown can be from one end to the other, no two areas are the same. For this reason, you cannot say that you have seen an entire country if he has only seen a part of it.

Everywhere you have been so far, traveling one hour in any direction tells a different story. Different crowds, different architectures, different cultures, etc.

When I was in Thailand, the south was home to beautiful islands and diving opportunities, but the north told a story of jungles and mountains.

In Spain, I decided to travel from the region of Catalonia, Barcelona, ​​to the southern region of Andalusia, Spain. The food was different, the atmosphere was different and, surprisingly, the language too!

The fascinating history and the varied landscapes made me realize how important it is to have as many countries (or neighboring countries) as possible not only to make your money go further but also to your experiences.

#6. Take Public Transportation

10 Things You Should Consider While Traveling
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Since I don’t have a driver’s license, I usually take public transportation. Although I could drive, I feel that this is one of the best ways to travel when I am in a foreign country.

It is true that it can be a frightening experience to try to discover the language, the schedules, and the tickets, but that is essentially the true essence of the trip.

Discovering where you should go and try to explain it to someone and realize that you wrote it wrong is a memorable experience!

You will undoubtedly gain knowledge about the area and how to move, as well as be encouraged to speak with the locals. I also think it’s a great way to find out how much things cost.

So, my advice would be to take a look at Google Maps, but don’t trust it. Ask people for help and see where it takes you!

#7. Watch The Nightlife

10 Things You Should Consider While Traveling
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Whether you are an owl at night or not, different energy is installed over a city when the sunsets. Depending on the particular taste of where you are visiting, the nightlife can consist of live music in bars; huge and throbbing sticks; or coffee by candlelight, with lots of wine for everyone. Dress and immerse yourself in the fun you were waiting for.

#8. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Eat something new. Try something that scares you. Resist the urge to plan. Whatever your comfort zone, leave your comfort zone, even if it is only an inch or two.

A truly excellent and memorable trip will teach you something, and may even change a bit. The only way to do it is to shake things up.

#9. Make Friends With A Local

Talking with the locals is the best way to establish a better connection with the country. Learning short phrases like “thank you” or “good morning” is a polite way to show the locals that you are interested in their culture.

I discovered that a little effort helps a lot and people generally open up a lot more if you are friendly and want to respect their customs.

#10. Put the Maps Away

10 Things You Should Consider While Traveling
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With smartphone GPS systems never far away, the old threat of getting lost along the way has been largely erased. Of course, it can save you some frustrating or stressful moments, but as long as you have nowhere to get there on time, and don’t take a chance, losing yourself is a great way to get acquainted with a place and stumble about unexpected things Forget your maps for an afternoon and get lost.

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