9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020

Venice, Italy One of the best-known cities in the world and full of things to do and places to see. Although you can find articles that talk about how the city is invaded by tourists and may be left out of an Italian itinerary, you would have to disagree. If you go to Italy and have the opportunity to visit this unique place, I tell you to go ahead! This guide will cover the best places to visit in Venice, Italy, discuss how to avoid crowds and provide useful information to make your trip as memorable as possible.

Best Tourist Attractions In Venice Italy

First, I will cover some of the best places to visit in Venice, followed by all the logistics information later in this guide. The following attractions can be seen in a few days, but you can choose freely according to your preference and the amount of time you have in the city.

#1. Piazza San Marco

9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020

The most famous square in all of Venice is Piazza San Marco. While walking through the square, you will be surrounded by incredible architecture from all directions (in addition to many pigeons!). It is the most popular square to visit and is one of the emblematic places where Venice is known. The San Marco area is also where you will find many things to do and see, as I will discuss next.

#2. St Mark’s Basilica

9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020

After enough time outside the square, it is time to head to the Basilica of San Marcos. Here you will find a magnificent building with huge arched ceilings and detailed works of art. If you are interested, you can also go to the San Marcos Museum for a small fee. This will also allow you to go to the terrace overlooking the square below.

#3. St Mark’s Bell Tower

9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020

Another option around the square is to go to the top of the San Marcos Bell Tower, also known as the San Marcos Campanile, nearby. From the top of this 300-foot building, you will have one of the best views that Venice has to offer. Reaching the top of the tower is by elevator, not by stairs so that anyone can climb if they wish.
Important note:

During the high season, the lines to the Basilica and the Bell Tower can be very long. To avoid this, you can buy tickets online in advance on the websites linked above. If you book in advance, you can skip the lines when you arrive and enter.

#4. Doge’s Palace

9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020
9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020

Very close to the square, you will find the Doge’s Palace, a museum full of numerous chambers, dungeons, and passages. You can buy a ticket to the museum and take a walk on your own or you can also take a guided tour. One of these tours is called “Secret Itineraries”, which takes you through hidden passages and to rooms that the public cannot see.

Another known part of the complex that you should visit is the Bridge of Sighs, located behind the building, which is located in a canal that connects the courts with the prisons.

#5. Peggy Guggenheim Collection

9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020

If you are interested in the art world, you can visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which is full of hundreds of works by some well-known artists. It is also very close to the attractions mentioned above, so it would be easy to add your day.

#6. The Grand Canal

9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020

The odds are at one time or another, you will find the Venice Canal Grande. This main channel of the city goes from the train station to the area of ​​Piazza San Marco. Walking along the canal or taking a water bus will be your own experience.

#7. Ponte di Rialto

9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020

The most famous of the bridges over the grand canal is the Ponte di Rialto. While walking along the canal, be sure to head to this bridge to enjoy an excellent view of the city.

#8. Gondola Ride

9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020

A trip to Venice is not complete without the classic gondola ride through the canals, right? If you are interested in participating, you will have no trouble finding a gondola that will take you on a ~ 40-minute city tour. It is not cheap, somewhere in the range of 80 to 100 euros for the boat, but it will be an experience you will not forget.

#9. Murano, Burano, Torcello

9 Incredible Places To Visit In Venice Italy 2020

The last thing I want to mention is a possible day trip outside the main city of Venice. Along the Venetian lagoon, you will find several other smaller islands to visit and enjoy. Three of the main ones are Murano, Burano, and Torcello. Murano is known for its exquisite glass making, Burano for its colorful buildings and Torcello as the original center of Venice. You can choose to visit them by taking a self-guided tour using the water bus system or participating in a group (or private) tour. Whatever you decide, it will undoubtedly be an experience.

Best Time To Visit Italy

When to go to Venice is an important issue to consider. As mentioned at the beginning, Venice can be invaded by tourists. You will see this more in the peak months from May to September with fewer crowds as you move away from those months. Not only will it be the busiest during these times, but it will also be the hottest time to visit.

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