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10 World Best Hiking Trails For Adventurous Person (2020)

If you are a professional climber or a passionate climber, here are ten points to consider. Some of them are not as challenging as others, but they all share an impressive view.

#10. Fjords, Norway

This is a true paradise for walkers in Europe! Hikers can also admire the wonderful landscape. The cliff of Preikestolen or Trolltunga is a favorite of tourists.

Photo by Irena Prikryl
Photo by Unknown

#9. Fjordland, New Zealand

The area is considered one of the best walks on the planet. The mystical landscapes served perfectly for the saga “The Lord of the Rings”.

Photo by Unknown

#8. Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

Walking around 33 kilometers of canyon reveals wonderful places. Exotic biodiversity also contributes to explorations.

Photo by Lorenzo Montezemolo
Photo by Unknown
Photo by Hougaard Malan

#7. Hua Shan (Mount Hua), China

Although many non-professional climbers come here, the trails are very dangerous. The unreliable trails and trails open an unforgettable setting.

Photo by Unknown
Photo by Berta Tilmantaite
Photo by Berta Tilmantaite

#6. Andes, South America

Photo by Unknown
Photo by Unknown

In addition to the wonderful nature and many trails of various complexities, you can reach the ancient city of Machu Picchu on foot.

#5. El Caminito del Rey, El Chorro, Spain

A very narrow path is attached to steep rocks and is considered the most dangerous in the world.

Photo by Unknown
Photo by Unknown

#4. Kalalau Trail, Kauai, Hawaii

The beautiful landscape can be quite misleading: the spectacular coastline can be a real challenge for hikers.

Photo by Nerijus Lostinhdr

#3. Alps, Europe

In addition to Mont Blanc, the highest peak on the continent, the mountain range has many trails. To 160 km of the Tour du Mont Blanc, it extends by Switzerland, Italy, and France.

Photo by Robin Halioua

#2. Mount Rainier, WA, USA.

The 4,392 m (14,411 ft) high peak represents a beautiful Seattle landscape. Professional equipment is required to climb it, but there are also many paths for beginners.

Photo by Kipp Schoen
Photo by Mark Epstein

#1. Himalayas, Nepal

The highest peaks in the world are found in this mountain range. It is, of course, the most difficult mountains to climb, challenging adventurers for decades. The rugged landscape has some very picturesque places, such as Lake Gangapurna.

Photo by Prakash Bajracharya
Photo by Unknown

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