Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

Greece is a popular destination to take refuge in Europe. Known for its stunning beaches, the amazing beauty of the Greek islands and the food that can only make you dream of more. There are so many great places to visit in Greece that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when planning a trip there.

That’s why I collaborated with some of the best travel bloggers to bring you a list of the best places to visit in Greece!

Best Tourist Attractions In Greece

#1. Athens

Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

The capital of Greece, Athens, is another must-see in Greece. From an impressive UNESCO World Heritage site to some of the best vintage stores I’ve seen.

But the first thing that should be on your list is to visit the Acropolis. Acropolis means “highest point of the city” and is the sacred rock of Athens. You can find several temples here dedicated to different gods, one of them is Athena.

Another great thing to do is to visit the Plaka neighborhood. If you walk from Monastiráki Square, uphill to the Acropolis, you will end up in this beautiful area of ​​Athens. This is an area that is often visited by tourists, but it still looks old and authentic and has a pleasant atmosphere. From the small alleys to the best restaurants in Athens. You can find everything here.

#2. Milos Island

Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

Everyone dreams of going to the “Greek islands” once in a lifetime. And although everyone has heard of Santorini, there are hundreds of other islands that are worth a visit. One of them is Milos, famous mainly for its unique beaches and landscapes. Milos is a few hours by boat from Athens or less than an hour’s flight.

By far, the best thing to do in Milos is a boat trip on the island. With more than 70 quite different beaches, Milos is truly the ideal Greek island for a boat trip. There are several different types of cruises, but the best option is to take a full-day boat trip around the island on a Chryssovalandou II boat.

On this cruise, you will be taken to about 10 to 15 beaches, depending on the weather, and you will have the opportunity to see many more along the way. You will have the opportunity to swim and dive into the incredible crystal clear waters and learn some things about the island. Everything is provided, so you should only bring your swimsuit, sunglasses, towel, and sunscreen.

All drinks and meals onboard, and the quality is really impressive. The crew members are not only experienced sailors, but also fantastic and super friendly and welcoming chefs. Without a doubt, you will spend the best moment of your life and leave Greece with the best memories! Read Dave’s full blog post here about Milos Boat Tour.

#3. Crete

Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

As the largest Greek island, Crete offers many things to see and do: beautiful beaches, rich archeological sites, hiking trails through wild natural beauty, Venetian and Byzantine castles and fortresses, as well as excellent cuisine. Crete is really our favorite Mediterranean destination for a trip.

Every time we visit Crete, we begin our journey in the western part of the island, especially in Chania, Rethymno and the perfect beaches of Elafonissos. The museums of Heraklion and the Minoan palaces of Knossos, Malia and Phaistos are, of course, unmissable places to visit in Greece for lovers of history and archeology.

The Lassithi plateau and its surrounding caves are ideal for travelers who wish to experience the true Cretan lifestyle in the mountains. To escape the crowds, even during the high summer season, there is definitely no better place to go east of Crete, which has wilder and less touristy beaches, such as Vai Palm, Zakros or Xerokampos.

Crete is also home to the Mediterranean diet. On our last trip, we were walking through Crete, tasting the fresh organic food of the island, delicious grilled local fish, delicious prawns, and other seafood, but also tasty cheeses and olives in the local taverns, while we knew the sunset. The most romantic sun of the Aegean Sea. One thing is for sure: Crete is a true paradise, and when you think you’ve seen it all, you still find hidden gems every time you go to this island!

#4. Peloponnese

Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

The beautiful and spacious Peloponnese shows that Greece has more in its sleeve than Athens and visits to the islands. This part of the continent extends to the southwest of the capital in a three-finger shape made only for road trips.

It was the land of the Corinthians, the Spartans, and the original Olympians. It is a place with archeological sites in Mycenae and Mystras and slippery beach spots in Nafplio and Spetses.

But the best part, by far, is the opportunity to get off the beaten track.

To stroll through the mountain villages, away from the crowds of tourists and wrapped in fragrant pines. To find modern shipwrecks, they glow red rust on the beach of Valtaki. And combine agrotourism with cooking and cooking classes at the Eumelia organic farm.

Here, you can learn the secrets of an olive sommelier: a professional whose job it is to evaluate and recommend different oils of local origin. You can adapt to traditional practices and make your own soap. And choose herbs from the garden and explore the flavors of Laconia’s cuisine.

#5. The city of Rhodes

Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

Forget about Lindos, Rhodes Town has everything you need. Always eclipsed by its southern counterpart, but I can see through it.

The city of Rhodes is the capital of the island of Rhodes and its old town is something to see. A maze of side streets mixed with a myriad of Ottoman and Greek influences, all enclosed in a medieval fortress. I loved the hustle and bustle of the streets with its extravagant shops, bars, and taverns, all competing for their attention.

For me, the main thing is to walk the streets while you find picturesque shops with patios to sit and drink Rhosecco or taverns, offering visitors homemade food and who can forget about the local favorite coffees. Walkthrough the walls of the fortress; people look at Praça Hipócrates, having wine in Adega dos Cavaleiros; Take a Strawberry Daiquiri in the garden of Socrates and enjoy the traditional Stifado at Mama Sofías tavern.

Do you need that touch of modernity? The city of Rhodes has excellent shops if you like some shopping therapy. I was very impressed. Definitely visit the marina, you can book boat trips to nearby Kos and Turkey, as well as see the location of the Ancient Wonder of the World; The colossal

What else do you need in one place? I promise you will not be disappointed.

#6. Santorini

Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

Santorini: the Greek island that became famous for Instagram, with its whitewashed buildings and “Santorini blue” roofs. In summer, cruise ships unload thousands of tourists in the port city of Fira. But the rest of the year, Santorini is an idyllic Mediterranean island, full of fascinating history, excellent food and breathtaking views in all directions. Is it worth the island? Of course! (But I definitely recommend visiting out of season 😉)

Most people visit Santorini for its beauty and the opportunity to stroll through the picturesque Oia, with its windmills and churches. And this is something you should do when you are on the island, in addition to walking through the many beaches.

But another place to visit is Akrotiri. The archaeological site of Akrotiri is on the opposite side of the island from the main cities, outside the typical and worn tourist route. The island that makes up Santorini is actually an old volcano cone. Like Pompeii, Akrotiri was buried under hundreds of meters of ashes after the volcano erupted several millennia ago.

It was not until the end of 1900 that Akrotiri was rediscovered. Today, visitors can stroll through the ancient city and return to the time before Santorini, one of the main tourist destinations in the world.

#7. Skyros

Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

Skyros is one of the least known Greek islands, easily accessible from Athens and Thessaloniki, either by plane or by boat. The flight is very short and there is a daily connection from Athens to Skyros.

What makes Skyros so special is authenticity, it is a vacation spot for Greeks, which has led to incredible food quality, with only local products. The beaches are a virgin and there are many to enjoy alone.

The waters around Skyros are deep blue or crystalline, depending on where you go. Boat trips are available, which is recommended since not all beaches are accessible on foot.

Skyros also has Scandinavian wild horses, which is the smallest real horse breed in the world. One of the best things to do in Skyros is also to look at the stars since there is not much artificial light, sometimes you can even see the Milky Way when the moon is smaller.

#8. Thessaloniki

Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

As the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of the Greek region of Macedonia, Thessaloniki remains a secret council. However, since the city won the title of “European Capital of Culture” in 1997 and was the European Capital of Youth in 2014, Thessaloniki has gained increasing prominence in Greece.

And that is for a good reason. There are so many amazing things to do and see in this great city, perfect for a European weekend. For those who like to explore Greek history and local culture, there are some impressive museums, such as the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Byzantine Culture. Also, don’t miss the White Tower with its fascinating past (and fabulous views of the sea and the city from above).

The abundance of food markets is perfect for foodies. Nowhere else do you find delicious and fresh Greek ingredients, such as chubby and juicy Kalamata olives or creamy salted feta cheese. We can personally recommend Mercado Modiano and Kapani (Mercado Vlali).

#9. Sifnos

Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

My favorite discovery during my 10-day boat trip through the Cyclades of Greece was the small port city of Kamares, on the island of Sifnos.

Whitewashed houses fall on the side of the main street, where everyday life takes place. Children ride their bicycles on the road, waiters cross the main street, deliver orders to tables overlooking the bay, scooters pass, potters dry their products in the sun, stray cats roam in search of a snack .. And in the harbor, fishermen double their daily catch under a bright blue sky.

Greek fishermen go out to sea at night and return in the morning with their cargo, showing their catch on the harbor wall for residents and restaurants to make their daily selection. This scene symbolized Greece for me: nothing is presented as an “exhibition” for tourists, it is the local life lived as it has been for centuries …

Kamares is a small port city on the west side of Sifnos, away from the central tourist center and is worth a visit to enjoy an authentic portion of Greek life.

#10. Meteora

Top 10 Amazing Place In Greece For Tourist 2020

Located in central Greece, Meteora is one of those places you see once and never forget. The unique environment, full of huge sandstone pillars and rocks, is just one of the reasons why Meteora is one of the best places to visit in Greece. The real surprise comes from the artificial buildings on top of some of these vertical rocks, the monasteries of Meteora.

This UNESCO heritage site is the second-largest Orthodox Christian complex in Greece, after Mount Athos. Built between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, only six of the 23 monasteries are built today. Although they seem inaccessible, monasteries are not so difficult to reach, as long as you are prepared to climb a few hundred stairs. If you do not fit or have mobility problems, you can still visit the monastery of Agios Stefanos, thanks to the stone bridge that connects it to the main road.

Although you can visit Meteora during a day trip from Athens, Thessaloniki or the Olympic Riviera, it is better to book overnight accommodation in Kastraki or Kalabaka. This will allow you to enjoy a magnificent landscape at sunset. In addition, you can visit the monasteries early in the morning, before the arrival of the numerous tourist buses.

If time permits, you can make the Meteora part of a longer itinerary or a road trip in Greece. You will be happy to have done this.

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