Hears! I’m Dan …
… In short: I am obsessed with exploring the world, meeting amazing people (and goats), and being as lost as possible with my camera. I was on the road for 1467 days between 2014 and 2018, trying to change my restaurant career to capture the world and somehow everything worked out …

… The longest: Welcome to my little corner of the WWW. Here’s Dan, and I think this is where I tell you how I quit my high corporate job because I hated the cubicle and sold everything to travel the world and pursue this dream of blogging… but that wouldn’t be true for a few main reasons. :

1-I had nothing to sell and more debt than savings

2-I was a restaurant manager

3-I never planned or wanted to be a blogger

But, almost five years here I am, still traveling, albeit no longer full time (I got about 1500 days before putting down more permanent roots again, Portugal is now home) and somehow, I think, a ‘professional blogger’ in between other things .

Those other things, being a photographer, a travel writer, a creative director at my media company in Portugal, a cameraman, and everything else I find myself doing in the crazy world of travel.